MABOPELL: since 1977 we operate in the leather processing sector


Professional and flexible company in the leather processing sector.


Constant research and specialization in the ennobling of the raw material.


Direct technical assistance to the customer regarding the sampling of colors.

COMPANY MISSION – Quality Increase

“Heads that think, Hands that work” this is what makes unique the job of the Artisan and Tannery.

Ma.Bo.Pell  joins the experience and the creativity of Artisan’s skills with Industrial organization. Research and development with the help of modern technology contribute to a continuous quality  increase of our products and services.

This Flexible, Reliable and Efficient Company has been present in the leather market since 1977 that works in the sector of the production of splits for upholstery, garment and leather goods.

In addiction you can request a lot of different effect release on different type of leathers, for example the hot paper and digital print technology.

Our production is focused on a constant search and specialization aiming at improving raw material “ennobling process”, which enables us to release very good-quality-look articles at very interesting prices by using very cheap materials, without forgetting the main fashion trends. In other words Conceria Ma.Bo.Pell. S.r.l. proposes high-quality products suitable for customers requiring elegant, sporting and technical articles.

The strengths of conceria Ma.Bo.Pell is the importance give at the technical assistance at the customer, primarily for the color sample. The customer can choose colors available in the tannery or request it based on their master, Pantone code or RAL code.

Ma.Bo.Pell production is completely made inside the tannery, with the respect of the environment and a constant research of always less pollutant new products.

Our operating routing starts from the Wet – Blue leather processing to the realization of articles with different thicknesses, from 1.2/1.4mm  to  2.4/2.5 mm.